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Cloned disk assigned (E:) drive letter instead of (D:)

I have 2 disks on laptop (Windows 10 Home, single user):

Disk 0 – Windows (C:) – eMMC 32Gb
Disk 1 – Storage (D:) – Sandisk SSD 120Gb

I have used Aomei Backupper to clone only Sandisk (D:) to a new larger Transcend SSD 240Gb, and to resize partition to fit the new drive. Cloning went OK.

However, when I swapped old with a new Transcend SSD – instead of (D:) drive letter is (E:) and all of shortcuts from Windows (C:) are missing now.

I have tried to change drive letter while cloning in Aomei Backupper and Windows Disk Management Console (after cloning).

I couldn’t do it, because there was no letter “D” to select in drive letter combo box.

Please advise.

Thank you.


  • With only disk0 attached, open regedit and scroll to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices
    Delete the entries for \DosDevices\D: and \DosDevices\E:

    Then attach your Transcend SSD 240Gb

  • @Jason2004, If you have removed Sandisk SSD 120Gb, generally, the D will be released. You can shut down the computer, then boot it again, then check if you can assign the D:.
    If you still can't select the D to assign, please refer to the solution offered by SIW2.
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