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Server Failure, like to move license to new replacement Server


My Old Server fail to function anymore. I am going to get a new replacement Server and would like to transfer the license to the new server. Can you help? My order ID is 3G3MRFT-A4ZQ5W 
Thanks for your help. Thanks!


  • Hi, Anyone can help?
  • @HenrySee, we check that your order doesn't include the lifetime upgrade service. 
    We suggest that you purchase the lifetime upgrade service. So, you will get a new licesne code and future upgrade.
    Would you like to purchase it?
  • It is not purchasing a new license but a lifetime upgrade to the same license right?

  • May I know how much is the lifetime upgrade service, and how could I proceed with the purchase?

  • @HenrySee, it will generate a new license code. And the license code is the lifetime. We will send you the purchase address via private message.
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