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Hi admin, my system is:
AOMEI Backupper Pro product, ver. 6.5.0 Loaded AOMEI Recovery Environment;
OS Window 10 Pro x64 bits ver. 20H2 Build 19042 with UEFI/GPT File System;
DELL Minitower XPS 8930 Machine, w/Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Wired Adapter;
The recovery environment on restart is properly mounted, but it does not allow me to access the network NAS, on which I successfully backed up the system image, properly verified.
The NAS from AOMEI Backupper is correctly seen as 192,168.###.### (WD NAS ShareSpace) as well as by the operating system, while this is not the case with the recovery environment where I enter the address above that is not recognized by it, giving these errors:
1) - In "Restore/Add Share or NAS Device", after entering the NAS network address, username and Password, the recovery environment responds: "Failed to access the network path, please check if ...
2) - In "IP Set", after entering the NAS address, the recovery environment responds: "Invalid networking path or sharing service has been disabled" (???).
I need help testing the backup procedure, also because the disk (CD/DVD) AOMEI Win PE/UEFI, downloading the recovery environment from the internet, that I created to restore my computer routed me directly to "Create backup now" but with the screen size enlarged, sending out the "Menus" of the recovery environment and thus having become unusable.
Thank you in advance for your help,


  • Thank you SIW2 for your kind answer, but I need some information to use the ISO file you provided me. I read the post referring to WinPE '1904v2.iso' of April 16 and being just a computer user I didn't understand much, just that it's a computer engineering problem.
    Please briefly explain to me the procedure for using the .iso file that you kindly sent me and that I imagine is a bootable to write to a CD/DVD and to use instead of the Win PE CD that I previously created with AOMEI Backupper and that does not work for me.
    And what about the recovery environment implemented in the AOMEI backupper that I uploaded to the operating system but doesn't see the NAS? Is this my mistake or do I have to wait for a new AOMEI release of the backup program?
    Thank you again for helping me find the solution.
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    Extract the 1904v2.iso to usb stick.

    EDIT: Updated to 1904v3

    You can use usb7ice ( attached below ) to extract it to create bootable usb

    You can see if it can access your nas . It is a bigger, more recent and more capable than the standard aomei pe.

    The free versions of aomei are included.

  • Thank you Si Won,
    today I proceed to the installation as per your advice.
    Have a good day,
  • Using the USB stick, loaded with 1904v2.iso using the 
    Usb7ice tool that you kindly provided me, I manage to launch the AOMEI recovery environment encapsulated in the ISO, but it fails to load the network.
    In fact, by launching the "ping" command with the recovery environment command.com, the result is that no "packets" have returned, for the NAS and other network devices that I have tested.
    The network tool, which I have no idea how to use, inserted into the recovery environment sees my network adapter "Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller".
    Do you please have any other suggestions to submit to me?
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    Are you able to use the internet browsers, ie11 and qtweb?
    Did you try turning off the firewall?

  • Hi SiW2,
    A) - As soon as you entered the 1904v2.iso recovery, the internet connection was present:
    1) - IE11 with Google search was ok;
    2) - QtWeb was ok with Yandex;
    3) - The "ping" was active for both the computer in use and for the NAS;
    4) - Wi-fi was disconnected;
    5) - Ethernet Adapter is Connected;
    6) - From AOMEI the hard drives are all reachable, including USB

    B) - After checking the hard drives I re-established the connection to the NAS which was unreachable. I double-checked entering the NAS through IE11 but the internet connection icon was disconnected "no internet connection". I redone tests 1), 2) and 3) with negative results.

    That is to say that after the first attempt succeeded A) I lost the internet connection in B).

  • No! I didn't touch the firewall. At what stage should I take it off?
  • @Vittorio, Could you try to recreate WinPE bootable medai via AOMEI Backupper, and then add your network drivers manaually?
    As for adding drivers, please refer to here: https://www.aomeitech.com/kb/backupper/winpe-bootable-media-cannot-recognize-some-devices.html
  • @Vittorio, As for the screen size of is enlarged, you should be able to move the interface, then click buttons. 
    We will optimzie the problem after.
  • Hi admin,
    Within the AOMEI recovery environment, I initially had the internet connection and therefore think access to the router and NAS with the ISO kindly provided to me by SIW2, I lost it trying to connect directly to the NAS from AOMEI in the recovery environment.

    SIW2 suggested that I turn off the firewall "Did you try turning off the firewall?" and maybe that's the solution, but I have no idea how to turn off the firewall in WinPE.

    I looked on the internet and found that WinPE is a miniaturized operating system, so with its own firewall that needs to be turned off to access my home network?

    Microsoft says: "The Windows PE utility (Wpeutil) is a command-line tool that enables you to run commands during a Windows PE session. For example, you can shut down or restart Windows PE, enable or disable a firewall, set language settings, and initialize a network. For example: Wpeutil Disablefirewall"

    Can you confirm to me if this is the solution to hook the NAS with the bootable USB stick that I created on the welcome advice of SIW2? or do I have to move the backup to an external disk by abandoning the NAS?

    As for the enlarged screen recovery environment I will test your advice and tell you the result.

    Can you please help me solve this inconvenience?
  • You can go to control panel > firewall.

    Or you can use penetwork to try to connect

  • @Vittorio, Sorry that we currently can't know why it can't connect to your network. You can try the suggestions offered by SIW2.
    If you still can't connect to your network under WinPE, you might need to copy the image file to an external drive so that you can restore it.
  • 1) - Internet & ping are fine.
    2) - The PENetworkManager tool seems to lack the network driver because it does not detect it and by entering the network address gives these messages: "Invalid Path" and "No Connected Network Drive".
    3) - The FileManager tool in the network folder says: "Network Folder Empty" and NAS mapping gives error; Inserting the network path in the address bar shows a "command.com" window for entering User and Password but appears to be inactive.
    4) - Unfortunately, there is also a SAMBA problem because my NAS only works with the SMBv1 protocol, but in the recovery environment I did not find the tool "Windows Features" to check & activate it.
  • 1) - In reference to your welcome comments of May 20, I still tried to enter the recovery environment through the AOMEI WinPE bootable CD, but the interface is slightly off-field and locked and cannot move with the arrow keys.
    2) - However, the central menus are accessible and partially also the two keys in the lower right "Back" and "Next" with which I managed to get to the tool "Management and Sharing/NAS" that immediately recognized the NAS by connecting to the folder of my saved images.
    3) - However, to exit the recovery environment I had to stop the computer with the power button.

    Thank you very much Admin and SIW2 for the help you have given me to successfully test the backup procedure of my AOMEI Backupper tool, which I hope will be updated for these inconveniences as soon as possible.
  • 1) - Internet & ping are fine.
    2) - The PENetworkManager tool seems to lack the network driver because it does not detect it

    Does it not show the driver here ?

  • Hi SIW2,
    Yes, the properties at the top correctly indicate the network adapter "Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller" but not the driver in "Network Driver". For example, on this tab, I enter the address of the NAS "\\192.168.#.###" and the tool "PENetworkManager" gives me an error, even if I enter the NAS network name.
    I also turned on "debug Mode" on the "Other" tab and the log indicates "Invalid Remote Path".
    There's no way to connect.
    Greetings, Vittorio
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