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Can't transfer license key to another computer

I got another new computer and would like to transfer my license key of Backupper from old computer to this new one. I uninstall Backupper at my old computer and install the new version of Backupper to new computer. However, the license key does not work. It says "Invalid License Code Error". Please let me know what I should do. My order ID : 656272253.

Thanks in advance.


  • @Dddbear, LICENSEE is not allowed to lease, sell, rent out or pass the Software to another person in any way. Such license is non-transferable and non-assignable, except in limited circumstances. The limited circumstances include where the original computer the Software license was deployed on: (i) becomes non-functioning; and (ii) falls into disuse. In such cases, the license is transferable to a replacement computer.
  • Hi Admin, I do not sell, lease, rent out or pass the software to another person. I would like to pass the license from my old computer to my new computer. I gave up my old computer because that does not function properly.
  • @Dddbear, We have reset your license code. Please try to register again.
  • @admin, many thanks, it works!
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