AOMEI Backupper - cannot explore image file - Server 2019

Hello everybody,

I save a server 2019 (file server) with AOMEI Backupper Technichian, this machine has 4 data partitions which are saved.
If I now select a backup and integrate the 4 partitions as additional drives using the Image Explorer, I get 1 working drive and 3 drives which are not available because they would have to be formatted.
I don't want to restore a complete backup, I only want to be able to restore individual files from the backup in case of emergency. But that is not possible with this bug.
Everything is correctly formatted and working in the source system.

The error occurs with both disk backup and partition backup.
Has anyone already had experience here?
With best regards


  • @SB2021, Did you mean that you can't access the mounted virtual partitions? How big are these partitions? Did you explore the image on the same computer that you create the backup?
    And, did you perform disk backup? or partition backup? Could you try to explore single partition to check again?
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