Partition Assistant - Information Code 43, failing partition merging


I'm trying to merge two partitions. The merge is being made on boot after computer has been restarted. Each time I get followng error "Operation Abort.  Information Code 43.  Some files or folders cannot be accessed when enumerating a directory. Press any key to restart."

I've checked the "logs" directory in Aomei install folder but there is no logs from those runs on boot. Where can I find those logs ?
How I can fix this issue ?


  • @Buttch, Which two partitions did you merge? Could you take a screenshot of Partition Assistant so that we check?
    And, did you boot into Preos Mode? or WinPE mode? Could you take a screenshot of the error message?

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    I've tried to merge selected partitions (check screenshot) - G and D.
    I've used Preos Mode. I could not use WinPE in WIndows 8.1 which I have installed.
    Can it be because on D I have an One drive files ?
  • @Buttch, Could you try to create WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Partition Assistant, and then boot the computer from WinPE to do the operation again?
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