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Trying AOMEI Partition Assistant STD version first time


I just want to try AOMEI Partition Assistant STD version for first time to clone a disk but after I select destination disk I've got a upgrade request message. How can I try this product before payin for it?.


Jose I. Vallejo


  • edited April 26
    The Pro features have a little orange label. Disk clone is available on my Part Assist STD

    Disk clone should also be available in Aomei Backupper STD version. System clone is in pro version.

  • @Jivallejoo, Did you clone the system disk? For system disk clone, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard only supports clone when the source and target disk are the same disk type. You check the disk style(GPT or MBR) under the disk list.
    If the source is MBR, while target disk is GPT, you can convert the target disk to the same type as the source via AOMEI Partition Assistant, and then do the disk clone again. 
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