Remove Aomei Partition Assistant Recovery Option

Aomei support cannot give me a simple answer to this and so i turn to the forum....

I have installed Aomei Partition Assistant and installed the Recovery Option so there is an entry under the Recover screen when i boot up to launch PartAssist

I have uninstalled the program but the Recovery option still appears in the Recovery screen and selecting it, strill launches the program!

How can i remove this. Aomei do not know and there is no uninstall option!!!!



  • Use 7-zip to delete the sources\recovery\tools folder from winre.wim

  • Hmmm Many thanks but even with hidden and system files showing (unhidden) that folder is empty....
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    what folder is empty? Your winre.wim will not be in the same place as mine.

    You can find where yours is by opening an administrator command prompt and type:
    reagentc /info
    (then press enter)

  • @PB2005, please find this path c:\windows\recovery and find winrebackup.wim file and rename it as Winre.wim. After that, please use this winre.wim  to replace the winre.wim under C:\Recovery\WindowsRE.
  • Thanks you @SIW2 - sorry didn't realise steps had been left out.

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>reagentc /info
    Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

        Windows RE status:         Enabled
        Windows RE location:       \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition4\Recovery\WindowsRE
        Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 5c2cfd28-b92b-11ea-8cfc-d57afda4cc38
        Recovery image location:
        Recovery image index:      0
        Custom image location:
        Custom image index:        0

    REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.

    @admin Thanks. Found WinREbackup and copied it and renamed to WinRE

    But the folder you want to move it to doesn't exist

    So in made the WindowsRE folder in the C:\recovery folder and copied the WinRE file into there. NO joy (

    IS there a reason the program itself doesn't have the option to remove the recovery option which it added???

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    Windows RE location:       \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition4\Recovery\WindowsRE

    That tells you the Recovery\WindowsRE folder is on disk 0 partition 4

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