Sync not work correctly ?

I use Sync (basic sync ... don´t know the english word) to backup some files.
Today i edit some folder names on my source side. In AOMEI i edit the list to this new folders and remove some folders that should be not backup anymore.

So i start the sync and i see on the destination side the folders are still available.
I have always set the "delete..." setting (sorry don´t know the english word)
Then i also set the second option "integrity..."
But the destination is not as i want ! Folders that i have removed from the backup list will still be there !
So i delete a folder on the destination side that i dont want and a folder that are a mix from 2 folders (new and old files because the last folder name are the same, but on differed upper folders (hm...anyone understand my text here?)

Sync again, but this will not work !
Why AOMEI not remove folders/files if i delete this from the backup list ?
Ok, it is better in some cases to delete it by myself, but why AOMEI not copy the folders again that i have removed ???

The "integrity" option is very very very (say again very) slow with a lot of files. I don´t want to use it (and it not help?)
AOMEI don´t recognize that folders are why this is called a "backup software" ?
I always have this problems if i edit folders and move folders.

I have the Pro Version (better to say this)

Can anyone tell me,what is the right way if i :
- edit the folder list in AOMEI for backup
- edit folder/file names on the source
- remove folders/files on the source
- move folders on the source

Many thanks !


  • @FreeUser2019, Did you add multiple folders as the source to sync? For example, you add A, B, C and D folders as source when you create the sync task?
    Did you delete the source folders (such as, A and B folders)? AOMEI Backupper can't delete A and B folders from the destination when you delete the source folders from the source.
    If you delete some files/folders under A folder, so it will also delete them from the A folder of the destination. 
    Maybe you can create a folder, then put all source folders to the folder, then select the folder as a source to create the sync task.
    "The "integrity" option is very very very (say again very) slow with a lot of files. "---The feature will check and compare all synced files to check the integrity of every file. So, it will take a long time. You can don't check the option.
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    Yes, i have folders (anyone here not use folders?)
    Why the folders will not be deleted ? I was thinking this will happen if i use the sync option.
    Ok, this is not a big mistake. I can delete the folder "A" like your example by myself on destination side.

    Short test:
    I AOMEI i remove a folder "A" in the sync list and do a sync.
    On the destination the folder not deleted. I delete it by myself.
    Then i add again the folder "A" in AOMEI and do a sync.
    Now only the folder "A" was crated, but NO files ! The folder is empty ... Why ?
    That is the problem !

    The only way to get the files back into destination "A" folder is to use the integrity option.
    But i don´t want to use this option, it is slow and AOMEI must not check all files.

    It looks like there is a database in AOMEI  that work not correct. If i add an folder, all files MUST be copied to the destination...not more not less.
    If i rename the folder to "A1" add this in AOMEI and make a sync, the folder will be copied and all files.
    So why AOMEI do this mistake if i delete the folder from the sync list and add it again.

    EDIT: And again, next test. I delete folder "A1", remove from destination. Rename back to "A", add it in AOMEI sync list, do a sync and AOMEI NOT copy the files !!!
  • @FreeUser2019,
    1. When you remove the A source folder, it will not delete it from the destination. 
    2. When you add the A to the source list again, it will only create the A folder(no files) under destination. Because our program have the record of the synced files. When sync starts, the program will compare files under A folder with the record, there is no changes on these files, it will not sync them. But, if you add new files or change files, it will sync the new or changed files to the destination.
    If you use the "integrity" option, it will compare the files under the source and destination, if the file is different with the one in destination or the file is not in the destination, it will sync the file again.
    3. When you change the A to A1, then add it to source list, A1 actually is a new folder, so it will sync A1 with all files.

  • Sorry, point 2 is a little stupid i think ! If i delete a folder this week and want to add it again i a month, a backup software must be copy all files to the destination if there are no files !

    If i add, remove, and make other normal things, AOMEI will not sync correct, so i must enable "integrity" option and must wait log time, have more CPU working, more anything !
    An this because i only change some folders ???
    If i don´t change to the "integrity" option i lost files ! I lost files with a payed backup software !

    What´s the problem to "take a look" into folders that are new added to the backup list ?
    This will be al lot better as a compare of the complete backup and save a lot of time. out now.I hope other user find this also stupid ! NOW i must enable this bad "integrity" option time by time to not lose files. If i forget this, it is can be that i lost files....wonderful software !
  • @FreeUser2019, We suggest that you put all folders that you want to back up to a folder (such as, "Test" folder), then select the "Test" folder as sync source. So, when you delete or add folders from the "Test" folder, it will also delete or add them (including files in it) in the destination.
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