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AOMEI Backupper is being silently removed

Using Professional Edition 6.5.0 (but problem also appeared on older 6.* versions)

AOMEI Backupper is being silently removed after some unknown sequence of events. This happened repeatedly. It is no problem to reinstall it but this incorporates a manual action into backup, because since the Backupper is removed, no more automatic backups to NAS is being performed. 

I can suppose that it is being removed after Windows installs updates. 

The system is malware-free (scanned repeatedly and I am observing proper digital hygiene). 

How to prevent it from being removed and how to diagnose this thing? 


  • @Felian, Did you mean that AOMEI Backupper is uninstalled completely? have you checked that the installation directory has been deleted?
    What actions did you perform before you found that AOMEI Backupper is being silently removed?
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    @admin, the installation directory is removed completely, or contains the other.ini file.

     When Backupper is being removed, i found out this not intentionally. I just found that autobackup stopped working or that i want to launch it manually, but no shortcut in start menu. Next i try to find the program in the system and realize that it is not installed. The issue happened several times. The only thing i can associate with it is Windows Updates installation via normal way of doing so.

     I also checked Windows Event journal but have not found anything regarding to the issue. The issue happens only with AOMEI Backupper. No other program is being lost.

    Also i want to mention that Windows Antivirus (Defender) was intentionally disabled via a group policy (reason is that i am a software developer and that Defender significantly slows down automated tests and indexing in IDE). 
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    Neustes Windows optionales Update KB5000842eingespielt, Aomei Backup Pro ist in Ordnung. 

    Neuste Treiber von Intel, Aomei Okay. 

  • @Felian, This is strange. We have tested the windows update, but AOMEI Backupper isn't deleted. Please check if AOMEI Backupper will be deleted again before the next windows update. And check if AOMEI Backupper will be deleted after the next windows update.
  • @admin Installed latest update (KB5000842), but Backupper is still there. Probably happens not on every update or reason is not Windows Update - related. Any ideas how to diagnose it?
  • @Felian, If you get the situation again, please try to check the windows event log to see if they record any abnormal. And, please also check if your antivirus software deletes AOMEI program.
  • OK, I will do daily checks on Backupper presence in the system. 

    I don't use any antivirus program, I use clean strategy of executing anything. 
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    Wrote a PS script to check the presence of Backupper:

    <div>$backupperInstalled = ((gp HKLM:\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\*).DisplayName -Match "Backupper").Length -gt 0</div><div>
    $date = Get-Date</div><div>
    $message = "$date "</div><div>
    $logFile = 'C:\ps_scripts\backupper.log'</div><div>
    if ($backupperInstalled) {</div><div>
    &nbsp; &nbsp; $message += 'backupper is still there'</div><div>
    } else {</div><div>
    &nbsp; &nbsp; $message += 'backupper is missing'</div><div>
    Add-Content -Path $logFile -Value $message</div>

    Writes a log entries into $logFile

    I have put this into a task scheduler every 30 min for (not only logged in) user. 
  • @Felian, OK. If there is any progress, please tell us. 
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