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400+ partitions to recover

edited March 2021 in AOMEI Products Support

I ran the partition recovery assistant on a 1To Hard drive (NAS) ext4. The result ended up on a 445 "partitions".

I already tried to recover all the super-blocks with e2fsck without success

What are my solutions?

Thank you


  • Don't you have any backups?
    Every process involving partitions is the practice of performing data backups.
  • @Mims, You can double-click the scanned partitions, and then check if it includes the data you want to recover. if yes, you can try to check the partition to restore. 
  • Thank for you reply :)@vagn_32 I do have backups, but on the cloud.

    A very strange think happened: I plugged my hard-drive on a linux machine and...It was able to read it out of the box...
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