Aomei 6.4 (free) won't install

In the installation window for Aomei (free) I entered the path I wanted the install program to use: F:\System\Bkup_Restore\Aomei (on my Win 7 64  machine) and the install program gave me this error:

"The current path is invalid.  -   Please choose a path including a drive letter.e.g: C:\Program Files"

As you can see the path I entered is "valid" and the install program is confused.



  • Ok, I installed the program.  I *believe* what I did to confuse the installer was to point to:
    as opposed to:

    It would seem that an install program that can't deal with this is broken.
  • @Laffin_boy, Thanks for your feedback. We will optimize the problem.
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