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New system transfer best practices

I am migrating a old Intel based Win10 Pro to a new Intel based Win10 Pro machine with a NVMe similar capacity SSD. 
What is the best process to do this safely?


  • @BWWM, Is there is win10 system on the new disk? Do you want to migrate applications and data only?
    Or, do you want to migrate the whole system partition to the new SSD?
    And, do you change the Motherboard of the computer? or migrate system to a new computer?
  • I could do a fresh win10 install on the new SSD drive. 
    I want to migrate all the apps and user data if possible 
    This is a new motherboard so I will need to restore from an AOMEI backup 
    I need guidance 
  • @BWWM, Our program can't restore apps only from the system image file to a new system.  
    It will restore the system, apps and data. So, it will overwrite the fresh win10 partition with the original system partitions.

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