New drive showing up as recovery partition instead of drive

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me out.  Dell Optiplex 990 with Windows 10.  I bought a ssd hd and want to clone it and then remove old drive.  I added the ssd drive. Dell setup sees the drive.  Windows disk management and Partition Assistant sees the new drive as a healthy recovery partition on the primary drive. Not as separate disk.  I can't clone because Partition assistant doesn't see it as a separate drive.  Can someone let me know the steps to get the new hd to be recognized as a drive instead of a partition of the primary drive.   Thanks for your help


  • @Jyousse, Could you take screenshots of Windows Disk Management and Partition Assistant so that we check your disks?
  • I was able to delete the partition and get the system to recognize it as a single drive.  Then I was able to clone the drive.  Thanks for your help.  Problem solved.
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