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I had some unallocated empty partitions (free space) on my SSD that I was trying to merge...

Seems after reboot using PreOS Mode I got a black screen with white letters saying...

======= AOMEI Partition Assistant PreOS Mode =======

The program is executing, please wait... Operation 1 of 1
Moving partition

Hard Disc: 1
Drive letter:  C
File System: NTFS
Partition Label:  Windows
Size: 149.49GB
Start Sector: 

Total: 2 PCT,  Current: 2PCT,  2.08GB/83.14GB

It's been 4 hours and nothing has changed on the screen as it looks stuck, I left it as it is on the black screen and not going to turn it off until... 

Any help and advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated ??


  • @CaliJoe, Sorry to reply to you late. Have you completed the "merge" now? If not, could you give us a detailed description of the current situation?
  • Sorry, but I gave up waiting for a reply after leaving my computer on with out a reboot for 72 hours, 2 days ago ...

    I rebooted and yes it was completed.

    May I ask why the black screen with the AOMEI message doesn't tell me the merge is complete and now it's safe to hold my computers power button to reboot or provide a link to reboot? ?

    Note: there is no click able reboot button on the screen...

    Took a risk, and went to manually hold the computers power button and wait for shutdown.

    Next question...
    My old hard drive "Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD" now just a normal volume backup data storage aka my D drive, has a 100gb partition on it call "EFI System"... This small partition is also seen on my computers main C drive  "Samsung 870 Evo 1TB  SSD" where I boot into Windows 10.

    Q: Do I need two EFI Systems partitions?
    My backup drive is for data only... it's not a system backup. It did have Windows on it before... but that was before I wiped it. 

    Thank You for Your Time and Support!

  • No you do not need two EFI system partitions.  You should be able to use Aomei's Partition Assistant to delete the unneeded EFI partition or you could merge it with your drive D data partition.  Just to be on the safe side remove your Samsung 860 EVO drive from your computer and make sure that the machine boots properly before deleting the EFI system partition.  If it does then you should be good to go.

  • I'm trying to migrate my OS to SSD.

    My screen is stucked at this for 30 minutes now. Can someone help me what should I do? 
    How long will it take?
  • @Dexter1999, Have you completed the migration now? If it still is stucked, please force reboot the computer, and then try migration again. Generally, we suggest that you can select WinPE mode to reboot.
  • Question to AOMEI...:
    Why not write/code into your software for a reboot?

    Why code your software to hang (be stuck) at the completion of the migration?

    It leaves the user customer confused frustrated.

    AOMEI is not user friendly.
  • @CaliJoe, Generally, the migration operation can be completed under reboot mode. The problem is related to the specific environment. 
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