Testing Backups and Recovery

Backupper: I found no obvious button  or way to test a backup once made to help assure me it will work if I need to restore all or part of my system. My concern is that I wish to test a new backup safely without any chance of overwriting my current installation or cause other problems. Is there some way of doing (say, sandbox fashion)  post-backup?  If not, I suggest there should be - another button on the sidebar, 'Test Backup', which will simply test selected existing backups to make sure they will work if/when needed.  An assurance I think we all could use.

Ps - also suggest another sidebar button for 'rescan/refresh' when we exchange or remove media. In one case I plugged in a new external HD and found it wasn't listed and couldn't be found until I closed and reopened Backerupper.   Just a suggestion.

(ps does AOME support people read these forum discussion, or am I wasting my time? Just curious.)


  • @Red, Thanks for your suggestions. We will submit them to our dev team.
    As for testing backup, maybe you can try to explore the backup image to virtual partitions and then check the backup content.
    You can click the "Reload" button under Settings on the right upper corner to refresh the disk list.
  • I have successfully tested backups by restoring to a spare PC. It doesn't have to be the same make/model; as long as it boots & gets to the Windows 'Welcome' screen, I consider that a success. I have restored Dell image to Lenovo hardware & vice versa, Windows 7 & 10. As long as I can get into Windows I can deal with driver discrepancies.
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