Modify the automated email

Does anyone know how to modify the automated email that Aomei sends through SMTP?

We are using it to manage a few hundred computers and it is formatting in plain text with visible headers and also directs users to aomei support while we would prefer users contact the internal helpdesk system.

I dug around a bit and couldn't find any setting for this. Maybe it's stored in a file somewhere?



  • @Conyerbd, Do you want to change the contact email in the email notification to your helpdesk link?
    Which edition of AOMEI Backupper are you using?
  • We are running the Agent 6.4 on our systems and the server version is Centralized 2.9.

    Ideally we could create our own message but I would be happy with just being able to change the signature and the support address.
  • @Conyerbd, Sorry that it currently doesn't support the feature. We will submit your idea to our dev team.
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