Unable to register my program

I purchased AOMEI Backupper in February of last year.  I just got through upgrading my computer to new boot disk, and am re-installing software.  AOMEI Partition Assistant re-registered just fine, but I am unable to register Backupper... I have the Registration my MyCommerce account page, but it always fails with "invalid license code".  I tried to send a support request to MyCommerce, but I never got any response from them.  Can someone here help me get your program registered?


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    I had the same problem.
    In summary the license is bound to a specific system indefinitely. Any changes on this system will change the machine code used for the registration. Totally consumer-unfriendly, especially because it isn't stated anywhere easily accessible. They claim it is to prevent resale and leasing of the software.

    Solution: You need to contact a Aomei Customer support under [email protected], to request a license reset every time you upgrade your system. MyCommerce is just the payment and delivery system and doesn't regulate the registration.

    For the explanation from the Aomei admin: https://www.aomeitech.com/forum/discussion/7096/allow-user-to-reset-serial-number#latest
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