Register Backupper Pro

Hi everyone,
i have a problem with registering my Backerupper Pro Version. I bought the Backupper Pro on the onlineshop from AOMEI und i get a License Code. Whenever I will register there is only the possibility to enter an offlinekey, so i have go to the page "" enter my machinecode und licencekey to genertae an offlinekey. It won't work because the page ist not available, it's down. How i get this offlinekey? I tried to uninstall the software, clean the registry, installed different Versions (also older), it doesnt matter, there is no way to enter the licensekey, only to register with offlinekey. Someone had a solution for this? The Support told me to read the ReigsterFAQ, and told me to register offline, funny but server is down. Now i'm waiting since sunday for an answer from AOMEI, that not 24/7 service support, i payed for this too... Thanxs Alex


  • Problem solved - With the Browser of my Smartphone i be able to open the recommend page and created the offlinekey. I don't know why i can reach the page in win10 with Edge or Chrome...
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