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Recovery fails on error oxc000000e after Windows re-install

I have used the AOMEI installation media to create and restore several disk backups of the disk containing my OS (Windows 10). These backups worked fine and I could easily hop between them, but now it seems I found a flaw.

Today I used diskpart to remove all partitions (select disk 0, clean, convert gpt), re-installed Windows, and created another disk backup.

Now I am only able to restore the last backup after the re-install. Whenever I restore one of the old backups, my PC boots to a blue screen with error code oxc000000e.

This suggests that the disk backup is not exactly placed back as it used to be. In particular the boot tables are suspect. Before and after the re-install this was a GPT disk.

Is this a bug in AOMEI backupper? I thought a disk backup was supposed to backup- and restore disks including hidden partitions and boot records, and it should have been able to cope with aforementioned cleanup- and reïnstall?


  • Same issue here. Only way I've been able to get what I need to work is using MBR Legacy BIOS instead of GPT UEFI.

  • @AlexanderOverbeek, it seems that the disk you create the old backups is MBR. When you restore the old backups, the target disk is GPT type? And, is it an empty disk? Please check if the target disk after restore is GPT? or MBR?
    If it is MBR, you need to change the boot mode to Legacy, then boot it.
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