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problems during trial period

I have run into a number of issues trying out the partition management on my SSD on a windows 10 system

1. responses to selections are very slow.  not items that require a lot of data movement, but selecting options.  It can take 20 seconds or more.  There is no progress bar so I have no idea if the software is even working until nearly a minute later the next screen pops up.

2. some of the windows where you can enter a value are partially obscured by other objects on the screen.  Using the cursor to slide the edge of a partition to a larger size is much more painful because of the slow speed than typing in the value, but I couldn't  get to the mostly obscured place to type in a value.

3. a minor issue is the small font used on the screens.  There is a lot of white space on the screens, so there is no need for the tiny fonts.

The software eventually managed to expand the partition but it was a very painful  and slow process.   Are there options somewhere  to deal with these issues?


  • @Edsmega, Could you try to reboot your computer, and then run AOMEI Partition Assistant to check again? If it still is very slow, could you allow us to offer a remote for checking the problem further?
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