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? failure AOMEI Backupper 6.4.0

Using AOMEI Backupper 6.4.0 - 3 of 5 backup jobs suddenly do not run anymore:
- 4123 partition to save not found (schedule run)
- 4098 invalid parameter (manual run)
What the hell went wrong again with that fucking tool??

After slow down I remember that I have expand my system drive (C:) with AOMEI Partition Assistant last week.
- I short another partition and moved that part over 2-3 partitions expanding system drive C:
The both partittions which could be backed up successfully are the first and the last and the 3 failed partitions are between.
And I remember too that this is not the first time and depends not on AOMEI Backupper directly.
It seems, that Backupper has lost the new partition information or there are no more.

Workaround by user:
A failed job could not be rescheduled or edit. He´s damaged and has to be recreated.

Solution to Support:
Please check these constellation and fix PA or/and Backupper SOON.
I expect an everytime full reliable software, it should simply work!!!
Even I´m not a guinea pig and find out your failures....

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.


  • @MrPresident, Sorry for the inconvenience. When the starting sector of partitions has been changed, the backup task can't detect the source. We will optimize the problem after.
  • I know.... lunar happy new year party :-)

    Optimize the problem??? You should fix it soon.
    Yesterday I resized my drive / partitions again.
    But that time I know about the problem and was able to fix it immediately.
    So, please send the user an update SOON!!!
    Thanks in advance....
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