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Incremental Backup

I have read the backuppper user manual and decided to use the System Backup feature to include all existing programs and files.  The Aomei site talks about incremental backup after Disk Backup only.  I just want to verify that I can use System Backup and then add incremental files and programs thereafter.


  • Once you select the type of backup you want (System Backup or Disk Backup) you will progress to the next screen where you select the backup scheme to enable.  When you enable the scheme (Incremental)  then you select the number of incremental backups that you would like in the set (Backupper selects 3 by default).  Each backup set consists of a full backup and then the number of incremental backups you specified in the scheme.  Once the program reaches the number of incrementals specified the the process starts all over again with a full backup and the number of incrementals you requested as illustrated on the backup scheme page. 

    In the upper right hand corner of the Backupper screen you should see three horizontal lines.  These lines expand out to a number of other options, one being the user's manual.  Here the information is broken up in to two different areas which makes it a little confusing.  In one area you are selecting the backup type and then in another area you select the backup scheme.  As far as I can tell the System Backup and the Disk Backup tasks are essentially the same with the following exception.  A lot of people will split their main hard disc into separate partitions with drive c being their main drive and drive d for their data drive.  If you were to use the system backup option the program would include the EFI partition (hidden), the data partition (drive C), and the system recovery (hidden) partition automatically in the backup.  What you would not get would be the drive D partition.   So to backup all of your physical hard disk you would choose the Disk Backup option and then you, as the user, would specify which partitions to include.  However, if you simply chose the Drive C and the Drive D partition and your system has UEFI protocol instead of the older BIOS then you machine would not boot properly, if at all, since you did not specify the EFI or Recovery partitions in your backup.

    Sorry for the long answer, I believe the short answer to your question is YES. 
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