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Using Aomei to backup 98 drive

I have an old Pent 3 computer with two hard drives. This is setup as a dual boot system, C drive with Win XP and D drive with Win 98. I would like to install AOMEI(free ver) on the XP drive and use it to make a backup image of the 98 drive. My plan is in the event the 98 drive fails, I would be able to restore the 98 image to a new drive and not have to reinstall everything from scratch. Do you see any issues with Aomei doing this?


  • @Mike50, Sorry that AOMEI Backupper doesn't support backing up the win98 system.
  • Are you sure that wouldn't work? I'm not installing it on win98 and trying to use it I am installing it on winxp. 
  • Not trying to butt in, but here's my two cents on the subject.  If you have a dual booting Windows XP system and a Windows 98 system then both entries have to exist in the Windows Boot Loader.  Since windows XP is on Drive C I am going to assume that the boot loader is on drive C.  So if you backed up drive D by itself your boot loader information may or may not be correct and render your machine inoperable.  So in that scenario I do not think that it would work.

    Now on the other hand, if you performed a Disk Backup of drive C and D as a single backup and since drive C and D are both bios driven platforms it looks to me like it should work. 
  • @Mike50, Our program can't recognize the win98 system. It can't back up it as system partitions.
    So, it might be unable to boot after backup and restore.
  • I kinda expected this. I did make an image of Win98 drive. It ran for about 28hr. I figured I had nothing to lose but time. At least I have my files backed up
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