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What am I suppose to see when I make an AOMEI bootable media?

AOMEI Backupper paid version.

What am I suppose to see?
I was looking at it as if it were a form of a Windows recovery disk, but I get my home screen with windows settings screen. It appears to be pretty much the same as normal. I log in with my PIN number, just as when I log in regularly. I did include system files, BTW.

I honestly don't know what I'm looking at.

Thanks in advance.


  • @Chuckiechan, Sorry that we don't quite understand Could you give us a detailed description of the purpose you want to achieve?
  • When I boot up using Aomei recovery media, am I supposed to see my regular windows desk top and log in with my pin number as usual? It doesn't "look" like a recovery screen.
  • @Chuckiechan, When you boot up on the Aomei recovery media what you see will depend on what program you used to create the WinPE recovery media.  If you used Aomei PE builder then you will see a simple windows type screen with Aomei Backupper and possibly Aomei Partition Assistant along with other utilities.  If you used Aomei Backupper then you would see the Backupper screen.  You may have to change the boot sequence in the system bios or by pressing the function key associated with your boot order selection to get either of these screens.  If you do nothing then the computer will most likely continue to boot into windows, which sounds like what you are seeing.
  • OK... got it.
    BTW, I cannot get my copy of Windows10 Home (legitimate) to create a recovery disk. Is AOMEI
    involved in this?
  • edited February 2021
    @Chuckiecham, Aomei is not involved in creating a Windows 10 Home recovery disc.  Microsoft is responsible for that.  The only way that I can get it to work on my system is to uncheck the box that says to backup the system files to the recovery disc and then it will create the Windows recovery disc.  Otherwise it fails too, but I am not concerned about it right now. Update:  I have three machines and some work and others don't.  It seems like you have to reset Windows 10 to fix the machine that doesn't work.  You can google for the steps to take to reset Windows.
  • @Chuckiechan, Maybe you can try to use AOMEI Backupper to create a system or disk backup for your Windows 10 Home. When the system is damaged, you can try to boot your computer from WinPE media of AOMEI Backupper to restore the backup image.
  • I made a recovery disk on another computer.

    So now I'm testing the bootable AOMEI media in case I need it some day.
  • I would recommend that you create the AOMEI recovery media on the machine you intend to use it on.  I have a machine with a Intel processor and chipset and I tried using it to restore a backup of a Ryzen machine with a AMD chipset.  The backup restored fine but the machine would not boot.  The rescue media did not have the correct drivers for the AMD machine.  Once I created a rescue media on a AMD machine then it worked okay and booted just fine on the Ryzen machine that I was trying to recover.

  • I tested the recovery media and it worked fine. The other computer was AMD, also. I lucked out!
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