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Choose full backup and dont boot


I choosed to full backup my entire drive 

My drive crashed today

Now when i restored de Whole drive the Windows dont boot. I Think because i didint choose The System backup óption but choosed full backup 

is There any solution to boot the disk :( ?


  • Let me see if I understand what you did.  Was Aomei Backupper used to make your backup?  Did you select the Disk Backup option to make your backup?  If you selected the Disk Backup option then did you include the EFI partition, the MSR partition, the data partition, and the Recovery Partition in your backup or did you simply chose the data partition (Drive C) in the backup?  If you did not include the EFI partition then the system won't be able to boot because the system won't be able to find the boot loader. 

    With the System backup the software automatically decides which partitions to include in the backup.  So with the System backup you simply specify the destination for the backup files and you are good to go.
  • Sorry, I failed to answer your main question.  I do not know of a way to recover your backup and make it bootable if you did not backup the EFI partition.
  • @Apogeu, Did you run Disk Backup for the system disk? And, did you restore to the original disk? or a new disk?
    We suggest that you can create a WinPE bootable media via AOMEI PE Builder on a working computer, and then boot the "damaged" computer from WinPE to check the disk.
    You can download AOMEI PE Builder from here:
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