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Clone HDD to SSD is very slow

Hello, I tried to clone my laptop HDD to SSD..

I tried both Disk Clone and System Clone

both of them run very slow while moving the data (approximately 1 MB/s) and time remaining tooks very long time 19hr~

is this the exact speed or not? how can I make it faster?

any helps/answers would be appreciated!


  • @Akhfar, How did you connect the target SSD? Have it completed the clone now? And, could you check the read/write speed of the HDD and SSD?
  • @admin I connected the SSD through the HDD/SSD Enclosure. Read/Write speed on my SSD is around 500 MBps, but I don't know on HDD since it's internal HDD laptop I haven't checked the speed but usually it's above 1 MBps for data transfer. And the clone are still remaining and same speed 1 MBps still occurred.
  • @Akhfar, Are you perform system clone? Could you take the screenshot of backup process again?
  • @admin yes I do system clone right now but it's still perform the same with disk clone. Should I cancel? or perhaps it's happened because I checked the SSD Alignment option? I'm not advanced with drive cloning so correct me if I'm wrong. 
  • @admin I resolved it. The problem comes from my usb hub port I retry the process by connecting it directly to laptop usb port and choosing the disk clone mode instead of system clone right now since I also want to moved all to my new SSD. Thank you for your response! Hope it's run well !
  • @Akhfar. Have it completed the clone now? We will wait for your feedback further.
  • Cloning speed in PE mode is truly absymal. Over 2 hours to move ~12G from one SATA II SSD to another using otherwise modern hardware. Clonezilla moves data on this h/w at ~6Gb/min which is way, way faster. It has an ugly interface and requires more knowledge to use but it's free. I'm quite happy to pay $70 or so for a product that make life easier but only if it does the job well. AOMEI partition assistant at this juncture has to be considered a failure.
  • @Mole, Did you perform system migration or disk clone? Are you using the latest version?
    Generally, the clone operation will be performed under Windows.
    Or, did you create a WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Partition Assistant to do the clone?
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