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The operation already being cancelled - error

I have an installation of centralized backupper and one of the agents is running on a server 2019.
System backup works fine but when it is time to run a scheduled full disk backup i get a "The operation already being cancelled" message.
Worst, and most unacceptable of all, is that this causes the win2019 to restart every time.
I have install and unistall the agent multiple times but there is no solution.
Scheduled system backup works but this disk backup (mostly users files) force the machine to restart
Very disappointing behavior from the software


  • @NikitasFragkos, Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you mean that you install AOMEI Centralized Backupper and the agent program on the same computer (server 2019)? 
    "causes the win2019 to restart every time."---Could you run the disk backup manually? Does it restart? And, does it restart the computer to continue to perform disk backup? or only restart the computer then get a BSOD error, or directly restart into windows again?
    If it restarts the computer then get a BSOD error, or directly restarts into windows again, please download the new drivers: ambakdrv.sys, ammntdrv.sys, amwrtdrv.sys from the link.
    And then, please put the three drivers to C:\Windows\System32 to replace. 
    Generally, ambakdrv.sys can be replaced directly. For another two drivers, for replace them successfully, please first stop run "CMD" as Administrator to open Command Prompt, 
    then type into "net stop ammntdrv", "net stop amwrtdrv"
    then copy the ammntdrv.sys and amwrtdrv.sys to replace, 
    then type into "net start ammntdrv", "net start amwrtdrv".
    After that, please reboot the computer, then check if you will get the problem again.
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