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Cloned NVMe on Acer AN515-54-58CL does not Boot.

I bought this software to be able to clone my old nvme to a new bigger one but after several failed attempts both inside the system and outside via bootable USB none of the solutions continue to boot the Nvme new drive, Windows comes to recognize the boot but crashes saying that some is missing device disconnected on the computer my Bios in the case has no Legacy option only UEFI option so unfortunately I can't change it to try the boot with satisfaction ,and now what do I do?


  • @Oficinausm, Could you take a photo of the boot error so that we check?
    And, please boot from the source drive and connect the cloned drive, and then take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management so that we check. You can press Win+R, then run "diskmgmt.msc" to open windows disk management.
    Btw, did you remove the old drive and connect the cloned disk to the slot to boot?
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