I would only transfer one or two programs to another machine.

These are programs that could be registered for free or very cheaply, but the favorable period is over.

These work on my old machine, but I want to transfer it to my new machine.

Can the Aomei Backup program do this?

In order not to have to install the program on the new machine, it will be transferred and the registration will be retained.


  • Generally programs have files that are stored in folders on a given machine and they have drivers and registry entries to support those programs.  IMHO Aomei Backupper typically is used to create a backup or image of a given drive on your machine so that in the event of a catastrophic failure you can restore the file/files to a new or replacement hard disc.  Aomei Backupper will not backup a single program on one machine and permit you to install it on another machine.  Now you can backup a machine and restore it to dissimilar hardware on another machine, but you would need a different serial number for the second machine.  
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