Can not extend partion into unallocated spac

I moved an old HD into my new computer.  That HD had two partitions on it.  One partition contained the old OS, the other a bunch of data I wanted to keep.  The drive is a dynamic drive.  I removed the partition with the OS on it (the new computer has its own OS partition, MBR, etc).  The drive itself is 1TB, the remaining partition is 600gb.  I can't extend this partition past the currently allocated 600gb.  If I try and move the slice (so that it's before the unallocated space) then I get an error stating "There is no unallocated space on both sides of the slice, so you can't move it".  What am I doing wrong here?  How can I get this partition extened to use the entire TB of space this disk has?


  • @Doperry, You can convert the dynamic disk to basic, and then you can merge the unallocated space and E: drive via AOMEI Partition Assistant.
    If you want to extend the E: drive on dynamic disk, you can delete the 915MB recovery partition, and then extend the E:drive.
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