Backupper - Backup scheme

backupper has several backup scheme but may be interesting adding other two option that can provide simpler backup rotation and less space usage.
The first scheme can be named as forever incremental  where, at retention approaching, oldest incremental are merged into the full, and new incremental has been created.
Full   Inc1  Inc2  Inc3 --------Full+Inc1   Inc2   Inc3  Inc4
In this way I'll never need space to create another full backup and I have always the desired retention

Second scheme can be named as Reversed incremental where, after the first full, instead creating incremental backup, the change are injected directly into the full, saving the previous data into a reverse incremental file.
In this way, as before, I continue to doesn't need space for a second full backup and, latest restore point are always the full
Full  -------- RInc1    Full ------- Rinc1 Rinc2  Full -----Rinc1  Rinc2  Rinc3   Full

I hope you find this interesting feature.

Best regards,


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