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System backup cancelled with error code 23; unable to find any reference to this error code

Has anybody ever seen error code 23 before? I have a scheduled system backup (C drive and recovery partition) on a Windows 10 pc that is sent to an external HD, which had a space issue (error code 4138) the previous week, and that I have resolved since. The log has reported the backup was cancelled with error code 23. I've found no reference in any of the available manuals or online docs. There is plenty of room on the drive. A file history has backed up there without issue. I'll also be sending an email to AOMEI Support and will report results here, though can't imagine there's a big demand since I'm the first to post about it.


  • @Adifferentpov, As for error code 23, it shows that the operation has been canceled. Could you try to run the backup manually? And then, please check if it will get error code 23 again?
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