Paid vs free versions after entering license key

If I install the free or paid version of Backupper and enter a valid license key, do I get the same functionality or are there differences I haven't noticed?


  • You get the same functionality.

  • @Wssddc, When you register the free edition with your license code, then it will upgrade to the corresponding paid edition. So, it will have the same functionality as the paid edition.
  • Thanks, that's what seemed to happen.  I asked because, due to covid-19, I am not allowed to go into the office except for emergencies (crashed servers for example). So I have work-owned equipment at home covered by our license and personal equipment that gets the free version.  You confirm that I really only need to download the free version when you have a new release.
  • @Wssddc, AOMEI Backupper now supports automatic updates. When there is a new version, you can run the program, and click "update", then it will automatically download and install the new version.
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