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Dead SSD - can I repair it?


I have a Kingdian 500GB external SSD and I used it as external storage for my SmartTV, but I think this killed my SSD. 

If I plug in the SSD in laptop, the partition appears, but I can't access it, it freeze my computer screen. 

Also, the SSD doesnt appear in disk management.

It is possible to repair the SSD? I dont care about the data from the SSD, I only want to repair it. 

Thank you. 


  • I have had no luck in repairing a defective SSD.
  • Does anyone know of a way to recover a failed SSD? I shut down computer normally last night booted it up and one of my 1TB Ssds failed (it's not bios or windows) changed SATA ports still nothing, anyone has any experience recovering them or repairing them long enough to grab a few files? The drive is a SanDisk 980gb.
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