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I choosed "incrémential backup" in the schéma with 5 backup in this group.
If i delete files today in the original device,  should i be able to restore them next year...?


  • When you choose an incremental backup scheme in Aomei Backupper the first backup is a full backup followed by some quantity of incremental backups.  So to answer your question about deleting files today and restoring them a year from now the short answer is yes.  Your file should be in the original backup or one of the incrementals.  However, I have found that it is difficult to remember which files are in which backups so it is questionable whether or not I would be able to find the file a year from now. 

    My preference is to use the full scheme which gives me multiple copies of my files just in case one of my backups becomes corrupted.
  • Thank's for the answer !
    Best regards!
  • @Pourfab, You are welcome.  I am glad I was able to help.  About the only way that I would do an incremental scheme these days is if I had mechanical drives and very long backup times.  Fortunately, I have computers with NVMe M.2 drives so my backup times are very short.  A full system backup plus verification takes only minutes.  Since my backups are quick I always do full backups with 5 backups retained.  That way I have a minimum of 5 copies of each file on my computer. 

  • @Pourfab @Vbbritt, Backup Scheme will delete the old backup files regularly. If the backup file including the deleted files has been deleted, you can't restore deleted files after. For example,
    A  folder includes 1, 2, 3, 4 files, then you create a full backup. So, when you restore the full backup, it will restore four files.
    After that, you delete 1, 2 files, then create a backup (full or incremental). When you restore the backup, it will restore 3, 4 files only.
    If the full backup file (including 1, 2 files) is deleted, so you can't restore the 1, 2 files when you select other backup files to restore.
  • Ok Admin, thank's for the precision...
    So what should i do to keep the first backup with the whole files intact so i can delete them from the original disk ?
  • @Pourfab If you enable the backup scheme to delete old backup files regularly, you can check the "Create a full backup and always retain it before performing the scheme” option in backup scheme settings, so it will first create a FULL backup before applying the backup scheme circular queue and the full backup will always be retained. 
  • @Pourfab, When I worked from home I split my backups at predetermined sizes and copied the backup slices onto DVD blanks.  I would always store a copy of my backups off premis in case I needed to recover from a catastrophic disaster.  So I would use the backup software to create the backup image and then use another piece of software to copy the slices to my external media.  This method significantly improved the odds of me having a copy of every file on my machine should I ever need to recover it.  I have graduated from DVDs and now use a USB hard drive to store copies of my backup images.  So if I need a file I simply mount the image and cut and paste the file I want.
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