unable to restore

My problem is that when I try to restore all my data backup, the restore process starts OK but after approximately 10 GB of data is restored the transfer rate slows down contınually untıl ıt actually stops(although no warning or error message is displayed): I cancel the restore and try again, but the same result. My back up is of C: and D. drives(very little data) and a removable HDD which contained around 500 GB. The HDD drive is now empty due to the failed restore attempts. My back up is on another HDD and is completely up to date. When the restore starts, data transfer is  around 16 MB /sec, and the remaining time is 8 hours. After 1 hour the transfer rate is5,5 MB7sec and remaining time 25 hours. When the remaining time reached 100 hours I stopped the process. Am I doing something wrong, or is my hardware at fault?
many thanks in advance for your assistance


  • Hello Aldo,
    Did you restore the disk backup (including C and D drive) to the removable HDD? Did you use a hub or an extended USB 3.0 cable to connect the HDD?
    If you are using a desktop, could you try to use a high-quality short cable is used to connect the HDD to the rear port USB 3.0 and then restore again?
    If it is a laptop, please connect the HDD via USB3.0 port.
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