Recovery using full backup and file backup together?

Hoping to get some clarity. I recently setup a full backup (5 partitions) of my PLEX files to an external USB drive. At nearly 10TB worth of movies, this process took nearly 4 days to complete (I'm using the free standard version to see if I like this software so it is transferring at around 23mbps) Having said that, I have three questions.

1. If I run an incremental backup of some recently added movies/files, does that process require that the entire 10TB have to be scanned first to pick out the "changed/new" files and then create the new new image?

2. Should I do a file backup of only the new movies/files to limit the amount of time it takes to create a new backup?

3. If I do a file backup, and need to do a full recovery for some reason, can I use the original full backup AND the various file backups to restore everything?

My main concern is how long an incremental backup might take if the original full backup took almost 4 days to complete. I have just over 5TB of free space on the backup drive so I'm concerned about using up as little space as possible.

Thanks for any advice or pointers. I am new to both this software and to managing backups in general.



  • A comment that is independent of how you do the backups: The data rate you're getting suggests USB 2 speed.  USB 3 ought to be at least 4x faster.  Or maybe you're spending time compressing movie files that probably don't shrink significantly.
  • @Seattlebk,An Incremental backup will back up the changed and newly added files based on the previous related backup, either a full or incremental backup depending on what was last done. Data that have not changed will not be backed up. Thus, the time and image storage space required for incremental backups are both less than a full backup. 
    "I recently setup a full backup (5 partitions) of my PLEX files to an external USB drive"---Did you perform Partition Backup? And, are they on the same disk?
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