REQUEST for Image Deploy

Please allow image deploy to host the image file on the same computer that it running from. Not just from a network drive. 

Not every one has the option to use a network / share drive for image hosting. There might also be a point where a user has a separate network just for imaging new machines that come in. (my situation. we had 40 new laptops to image, I did each one individually because I don't have access to network drive, and I honestly don't have time to set one up) Other than that, I am more than pleased with the entire Aomei product line that I have used so far. Partition Assistant and Backupper are great tools.


  • Hello Davidka,
    Actually, the restore process still is performed on the client computer. So, the client computer needs to acquire the restore environment and backup image from the network. So, the backup image needs to be saved to the network/shared drive so that the client computer can access it. You can share the drive of the host computer, and then save the backup image to here.
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