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Newby - Best way shedule a Full / Incremental backup cyclus


I am a new user of AOMEI Backupper Professional.
I have a C_drive, D_Drive, E_drive, F_drive and a Z_Drive.
What I want (in one or 2 tasks) is a FULL/Incremental Disk Backup using the following schedule:

  • A FULL Disk Backup on every first day of a month.
  • An INCREMENTAL Disk Backup starting from day 2 of the month and then every other day of that month.
  • After the succesful FULL Disk Backup from month 3 the FULL and INCREMENTAL backups of month 1 must be deleted.

Any Ideas how to di this or a link to a good YouTube about this topic?

Thanks in advance
Robert-Jan van Diest


  • Hello Rjvandiest, 
    Maybe you can try to create a daily schedule backup and set the incremental backup scheme (set "30"). The Incremental Backup Scheme is like a group queue. The former group must be removed from the queue when the later group meets the requirement of joining the queue. A group is composed of a full backup and multiple incremental backups.
    As for backup scheme, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/backup-scheme.html
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