Partition Assistant Pro - Clone copies but no boot up

I was trying to clone my hard disk 1tb to 500 ssd the source disk is only about 200 gigs of data
windows 10 GPT .
Clone copies ok, data is on the new ssd, it will just not boot, I get a blue screen wanting me to go to recovery mode.

I've tried 3x now and no luck


  • Still no help from support on purchased pro version... NO TECH SUPPORT
    AOMEI should have people on this forum providing tech support help!
    Lousy service in my opinion, not even a phone number to call for support.
    Looks like a refund or chargeback is coming for them.
  • When you performed the clone did you choose the System Clone, Disc Clone, or the Partition Clone?  The terminology is a little different with Aomei and people gravitate to the Partition Clone, but the System Clone or Disc Clone are the only tasks that will create a bootable system disc.  Next did you plug your 500GB ssd disc into a SATA port on the existing SATA controller or did you use a USB to SATA adapter?   
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