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HELP please, Backupper failed

Hi friends, thanks for any help.  All I wanted to do was upgrade the SDXC card in my wife's Android phone from a 64GB to a 200GB.  I think I could probably just have copied the files from the old to the new card, but I wanted to be careful so that any apps and programs on it would work.  I saw an AOMEI add that said Backupper would do this, so I tried it.  Both cards were formatted in exFAT, and I connected them both with SD card readers on my Windows computer.  BUT when Disk Clone was done, it had created a 64GB partition on the new 200GB card and leaving the rest of the space unallocated, which is not what I wanted or what the AOMEI ad said it would do.  THEN, tying to use Disk Manager to "extend" the primary partition with the unallocated space, I found the "extend" option grayed out so it couldn't be used.  (Even though the unallocated space was immediately following the partition Backupper created).  I read more AOEMI information which suggested I should download and use Partition Assistant, so I tried that, the free version.  BUT I found the "merge" option grayed out on this program.  So I am stuck.  I don't know if I should format the new card and start over.  If so, I'm not sure if I should format it on the phone or on the Windows computer, and if the format will allow me to use the whole storage space or not.  If I did that, could I simply copy the files from the original 64GB SDXC card to the new one?  I'm not sure what to do about the System Volume Information folder if there is one on both the old and the new formatted card.  You see how confused I am.  I thought this would be simple.  Can anyone help me?  Thank you so much.


  • I would try using the Disk Management tool in Windows 10 to extend the partition to include all of the unallocated space on the new memory card.  If that doesn't work then I would download and try Minitool Partition Wizard and see if that would work.  Aomei Partition Assistant will also increase the partition size but only on the paid version.

    I also believe that you could format the new drive and simply copy all of the files off of the original memory card and make it work.
  • Thank you, Vbbritt, I appreciate it.  So, do people on this forum think AOMEI is a scam?  Claiming to do one thing in Google ads to trap you into paying them to escape the hole they dig you into?  Wow.
  • @Snowonder, For the exFAT partition, AOMEI Backupper will use the "sector-by-sector clone" way by default. So it will clone your SDXC card to another with 1:1. it can't automatically resize the partition to use all space when using the "sector-by-sector clone" way. And, AOMEI Partition Assistant currently doesn't support resize exFAT parition. We will optimize the support for exFAT system further.
  • @Snowonder,  I can only speak for myself, but no I do not think that Aomei is a scam.  All companies are in business to make money so when a company offers software that is free they do not activate all of the features to entice you to purchase the paid for product instead of the free version.  In addition, all software has bugs in it where something doesn't work exactly like it is supposed to work due to the various components/drivers installed so to expect a 100% perfection is being unreasonable.

    Now could Aomei do better?  You bet they could.  It appears to me that English may not be their first language so some of their answers leave me somewhat confused and scratching my head over the answer, but eventually it all works out.  Also their forum design could be better with a specific sub-category for each product so you can tell at a glance which product individuals are having issues with.  It also seems to me that the administrator of the forum is somewhere in Asia so there is a delay from when you post your message and when you get a reply.  However, their product works as well as other backup programs and better than some which is the most important thing. 
  • @Snowonder, I went back and tried to increase the size of the partition on a SD card that I have and none of the suggestions that I mentioned would work with the exFAT partition type.  Sorry.
  • Re: Moving data to larger SD card:  Thanks again, Vbbritt, and for those who may read this in the future:  AOMEI does seem like a reputable firm.  I have received technical support through email, better than a lot of big companies.  And BackUpper may in fact work to copy over data to a larger card:  AOMEI tech says you have to select the option to "Edit Partition" in the bottom left corner when you do the clone, and that this will allow you to specify that data copied will go into a partition which is as large as the entire SD card. 
    However, you may not need any of this.  In my case, I undid the cloned partitioning by reformatting the new SD card from the Android Settings Storage menu on my phone.  Then I copied all the files over from the old card to the new card, except for the System Volume Information folder, which was already created on my new formatted SD Card.  

    So, if you are reading this before trying DiskClone or any other cloning software, and you just want to upgrade to a larger SD card on your phone, just try copying all the data except System Volume Information from the old card to the new card.  It's easier than you might think.   

    Thanks again to Vbbritt and to AOMEI tech support for helping me with my question.  Looks to me like BackUpper is a sophisticated piece of software for handling a variety of disk management tasks.
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