Disk clone W10 no boot: error C000000e

Hallo, I just bought AOMAI backupper Professional. From my pc I cloned a w10 disk (connected via USB) to a new SSD (via USB too). After clone ended I connected tthe new SSD to his original PC but it asks for W10 repair error code C000000e.
What do I wrong ?
Thanks for your availability


  • Several things could have caused your process to fail.  The first thing I would check is to go into the system bios and see which device is listed as the first boot device.  It should be the new SSD that you inserted into your machine.  If it isn't then change the entry and try to boot your machine again.

    Assuming that the boot device was okay then you have to look further.  Sometimes when you clone a SSD via the USB bus the driver that gets loaded is the USB driver instead of the SATA driver resulting in a disk that won't boot.  So the best choice is to start over with the source disk plugged into the SATA controller in the computer.  Then plug the destination SSD drive into a spare secondary port on the SATA controller in the same computer.  Then start Aomei Backupper from within windows 10 and select the clone disk option.  When the clone disk process is finished then remove the source disc from the machine and plug in the new SSD drive into the first SATA port on the SATA controller.  Reboot the machine and go back into the system bios and check the boot devices to make sure that the new SSD drive is first.  Once that is verified then go ahead and attempt to boot up the machine.

    Another way to change the primary disc on your machine would be to go into Aomei Backupper and perform a disk backup.  You will also need to create a bootable rescue media, preferably a USB device.  Then remove the original disc from the machine and install the new SSD drive in it's place.  Boot up your machine off of the bootable rescue media and then restore the Disk Backup that you previously created to the new SSD drive.  When you finish the restoral then reboot the machine.  A lot of times you will be more successful performing a backup and restoral instead of attempting to perform a clone disk operation.

    Good Luck. 
  • I will tryat once. It seems quite problematic...
    Thanks for your help. 
  • @Oronzo, you need to connect the source disk to the original computer as an internal disk, and boot from it to run AOMEI Backupper do the clone. You can connect the target disk to the original computer via USB port when you do the clone. After clone, you can connect the cloned disk as internal drive to replace the source disk to boot.
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