Too many backup files - Differentials


I have set a Windows System Differential Backup to retain 2 backups. 

Problem is I now have 5 full backup files and 3 differential backup files for that particular backup in my Backup Folder. 

The program doesn't seem to be deleting the older files beyond 2 backups. 

How can I limit it to just 2 backups as it suggests in the settings? 



  • Hello,
    Did you enable the backup scheme when you create the backup task? 
    Please delete the backup task and files manually, and then recreate the backup task. When you create the backup task, please enable the backup scheme. You can don't tick "Create a full backup and always retain it before performing the scheme" and set to retain 2 backups. So, the procedure is:
    FULL(original)→DIFF1→FULL1(deleteDIFF1)→DIFF2(deleteDIFF1)→FULL2(delete DIFF2)...
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