Backupper Update deletes complete Folder with Image-Files

I just updated my Backupper Standard to Version 6.1 and after that a complete Folder ( C:\Aomei ) with Image-Files has disappeared from my Windows 10 (Version 2004) Computer.
This happened already before when I did an update to an earlier version 5.x a few months ago. Sadly I forget this issue when I started the update today.  Did anyone experienced the same issue while updating?


  • Hello Moddy,
    Did you create the Aomei folder manually? And, did you save backup files to the folder? 
    The program upgrade doesn't delete the folder you created.
    And, AOMEI Backupper doesn't create an "Aomei" folder under the root directory of C: drive. 
  • Hi and thanks for the answer.
    Yes, i did create the folder c:\Aomei manually.
    A sub-folder in which all backup files are saved, was created from the backup-job. 

    The backup-job is a normal File-Backup who backup some changes from another HDD, running in Intervals 3 times daily.
  • @Moddy Our program doesn't delete the folder you created. 
    And, generally, if the folder is deleted, it should be in the recycle bin. Could you check?
    Could you install the old version, and create the folder and back up, then upgrade again?
  • @admin ;  Thank you for your answer, but I guess you are wrong as the uninstallation routine deleted the folder again.  In detail:
    I made a test with an old computer (Win 8.1), where I had the Backupper Standard in Version 4.06 installed. I copied the Aomei-Folder with the Image-Files from my Main-Computer to the same place ( C:\Aomei ) and then started an Update to Backupper Standard 5.6.
    When I started the program installation I got the question that an older Backupper version is already installed and  whether it should be uninstalled. I confirmed that.  After the uninstallation was complete and before I had to confirm the new installation, I checked whether the folder was still there. Unfortunately, it has already been deleted without further inquiry.
    In addition, the deleted folder could not be found in the recycle bin, just like the 2 times before with the updates on my main computer.

    And to be absolutely sure, I repeated it all over again. Only this time i made an update from 5.6 to 5.7. The result was the same and the folder was deleted again.

    So maybe you should check your uninstallation routine to see  when and why this folder is deleted.

  • @Moddy, Sorry for that inconvenience. We have found the problem. Actually, when some operations need to be completed under reboot mode, AOMEI Backupper will create C:\Aomei directory to save the temporary reboot environment. AOMEI Backupper will delete the Aomei folder when uninstalling the program. You can rename the folder to save image files. So, it will not be deleted.
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