Error Information Code:6

i have a windows 10 machine that every time I try to dod a system clone it dies and gives me the error information code:6

I created a WinPE Bootale Media. Booted with the drive and I get the same error.


  • Here is what Aomei lists for error code 6:  

    Code 6: The partition table on the disk failed to update as other programs locked the partition table, please close other programs and retry.

    Solution: This error usually occurs when a clone is running. For code 6, please first do defragment and run chkdsk/r or chkdsk/f command to fix the source drive you would like to clone and then retry the operation.

    And, we advise you to run a partition clone or clone with the sector by sector mode.

    Also, you can also try to run a disk clone or a surface scan with Partition Assistant.

    Good Luck

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