Hyper V backup

I assume i would need the server pro version installed on the Quest Hyper V.
If i was install it, how I assume i would need to do system backup of the Hyper V
That's will backed be onto a NAS on the same network
The part that's not clear what extension will the backup be?
Can I just boot that back directly from the NAS.
Will it be still a Hyper V backed image or i have to more to get it up and running?
If i had another new host server. I like to restore the HyperV server back onto this new Host. How do i do it?


  • Please install AOMEI Backupper inside your Hyper V system to run the system backup. You can backup to NAS directly. 
    If you want to restore to a new host, you may need to use Universal Restore. Reference link: https://www.ubackup.com/help/how-to-operate-universal-restore.html
  • So is it possible to backup all running Hyper-V guests from the host, with AOMEI Backupper Tech Plus?
  • @Itbrain, No, AOMEI Backupper can't backup all running Hyper-V guests from the host. You need to install AOMEI Backupper to the system of your Hyper-V, then do the backup. It is similar to the backup operation that you back up physical machine.
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