Backupper - Can it do this?

Can Backupper be used like this:

1) From a fully functioning Windows PC, BIOS/MBR or UEFI/GPT, with installed apps and data, boot to APMEI Backupper on a USB flash drive. (Yes)

2) From Backupper, create an image of the PC hard drive to include everything in use on the drive including the bootable OS, user apps and data, but none of the unused free space.

3) Write the image to a connected USB flash drive or external spinning hard drive.

4) Move to a 2nd PC of the same make and model, but with a hard drive possibly of a different size than the drive on the 1st PC.

5) Boot to the AOMEI Backupper USB flash drive on the 2nd PC and restore from the image created from the first PC.

6) Have a fully functioning 2nd PC needing only a new license and activation.

If the above is possible, is it a time consuming process on the image creation and restore sides?

I've tried a couple of things with no success.



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