Couldn't deinstall AOMEI fully or cleanly

I tried the AOMEIBackupperStd. Installed it on a Windows8.1 system. Did a System backup to transfer it to another machine.

Then I noticed that I had to do the backup over once again. Naively deleting the backup folder and file from the backup medium
I found that I better had not done this. I deinstalled AOMEI and it says "not all components could be deleted".

After reinstalling it, I noticed that AOMEI somewhere in my system must have remembered something, that now made it think
count to backup(2) and doesn't allow me to completely delete this memorizing.

Really weird.

What do I have to do to completely erase AOMEI so that I can start over cleanly?


  • Here is a link that provides instructions for correctly deleting Aomei Backupper.

    Now if you are talking about the label or name of the backup you can simply click on the pencil looking icon and type over the name putting in any name that you want as I have indicated below.

  • Sometimes it could be that the deinstallation process still access some files, folders or let registry entries left. You should restart and check your system about AOMEI leftovers (folders and registry!!), they should be deleted now.
  • You can delete the folder "C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR", then it will be a clean installation.
  • @Admin, Some software that I have used had a tool available that would delete all of the files, registry entries, and folders.  Does Aoemi have a utility available that will do the same thing effectively cleaning out all references, both old and new, to Aomei software?  If not would that be something that the development team might consider developing?  Currently I use Revo Uninstaller which does a decent scan at removing all of the files, folders, and registry entries, but it would be nice if Aomei had a supported tool available.
  • I also have suggest such a tool in my "suggestion overview"....
    AOMEI left entries in the registry which will not be deleted during a deinstallation!!
  • Thanks for your suggestions. We will optimize them after. 
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