My new Centralized Backupper (full/unlimited license version) will not register Agents remotely

My first Agent installations were Trials (because I was originally sent the "Trial" version of the "AOMEI Multi-Manager Download", when I purchased it - not the proper copy).

None of them would register through ACB - still saying "Agent Trial" or "Agent Unregistered" in some cases, where they were from a different [full] Agent.exe.

When I key in the KEY for the Multi-Manager Download, or the KEY for the Backupper Technician Plus + Lifetime Upgrades, it pops up with:

"AOMEI Centralized Backupper Agent cannot be registered remotely with the license code of AOMEI Backupper."

also... same response when I try the Multi-Manager code.

Please advise, I was hoping to get everything registered properly, by now.


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